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Hurricane Impact Glazing

In many of the coastal areas of the United States, cities, counties and states have adopted the hurricane or wind-borne debris glazing codes to protect the building envelope.

South Florida Glazing utilize the Florida product approval and the Miami-Dade notice of acceptance which both require testing by impact and wind pressure to the highest standards in the nation


Impact approved glazing is not only about the glass needed to meet the high standards required but also the framing system and installation that is required to make a complete system.

FAA Towers

Air traffic control towers are getting taller and safer. The FAA has been designing the towers and base buildings to withstand not only weather issues such as Hurricane Impact but also strengthening them for blast conditions do to terrorism.

When it comes to designing an installation of either the base building or the tower cab, it must be laid out months in advance to coordinate with the locations of 1"+ rebar that in some areas is so close together that you cant out your arm through. This requires coordination and most likely BIM software.

ATCT West Palm Beach

BIM or "Building Information Modeling" as used by a glazing contractor is the process involving the generation and management of digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of the building envelope.

Contractors, architects and building management are requiring BIM more and more. The advantages to the glazing contractor is that we can now have a good indication of where substantial rebar or embeds are located to either avoid placing an anchor or to use for anchoring without trial and error. Also the ability to place fasteners without spalling concrete or using rebar eaters.


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